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Why are you not losing weight?

Nov 16

It isn't always easy to lose weight. Many factors could be preventing you from reaching your goals. These are the most common obstacles that can be overcome. Here's how to get around them. Check LIV24 for more information.

You can eat fewer calories than you expend but it won't affect your weight.

It can be difficult to lose weight. Many people will say that calories are more important than calories out. It's almost like your body is a simple math equation. To be honest, it would be simple for anyone to pass this test. You can lose weight, regardless of how difficult it might seem. You should focus on the little victories. It might be helpful to look backward and find what is stopping you from moving forward, or creating a plateau.

These six common obstacles can help you win again at losing.

1. Your Gut Health is in Trouble

New research is revealing the importance of your microbiome (the collection of microorganisms in your gut). It can have a profound impact on your health and even your weight. A meta-analysis by Genes published in March 2018 showed that participants who received interventions to improve the microbiome (e.g. prebiotics and probiotics) had a lower body mass and fat mass than those who received a placebo.

What should I do next? Start by increasing your prebiotic intake. Prebiotics are fibers that feed the beneficial microorganisms in your gut. She says you can have all the probiotics you want, but the good bacteria won't survive and overpower the bad bacteria. To increase your prebiotic intake, eat more fruits and vegetables. You can provide your gut with many prebiotics by allowing for variety (e.g. green beans, kale, and then a tomato-based soup.

2. Your genes are not on your side.

It is hard to believe that it might not be possible to have the body you want, but that can be easily achieved by following the right diet. Jason R. Karp Ph.D. is the author of Lose It Forever. He believes that genetics play a significant role in weight management. People don't like to hear that. This refers to a study that examined twins in Sweden and whether they were raised separately or together. According to this twin study and others, about 70% of the variation in body weight can be attributed to genes.

Even though it may seem difficult, this understanding can be helpful and liberating. This understanding will allow you to be kind to yourself, even if it is difficult.

3. Your muscles are becoming weaker as you age.

Gorin states that women lose muscle mass as their estrogen levels drop and they age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, muscle mass drops by 3 to 5 percent each decade after age 30.

What can I do to make it more manageable? You can't control the speed of time but you can control your health habits. While you may gain weight with age, it is not the only thing. Karp believes that everyone can lose weight and keep it off, regardless of age. Nutrient-rich foods are a great way to rebuild muscle.

4. It's Your Medicine Cabinet's fault

Some drugs can lead to weight gain or hinder weight loss in Scottsdale. Insulin to treat diabetes, certain antipsychotics or antidepressants, some epilepsy medications, steroids, and blood-pressure-lowering drugs like beta-blockers are among them. They can cause weight gain by altering your metabolism, increasing your appetite, water retention, or exhaustion.

What should I do? If you are concerned that you have gained weight without your consent, you should consult your doctor. Weight gain should not be a reason to stop taking your medication. It is possible to change to another medication or to adjust the dosage, depending on your situation. If this is not possible, consult a dietitian. They can assist you in making the right dietary choices.

5. You are not getting enough

The problem with portion sizes on packages is their inconsistency. Although efforts have been made to make the portion sizes in packages more realistic, these are just guidelines and they don't reflect your actual hunger or body needs.

What should I do? Gorin recommends that you plan your meals for each day. Gorin suggests you keep a food diary to track your daily calories or consult a dietitian to help you create a meal plan. Gorin provides printable meal plans that you can mix and match to help manage your home meals. To plan meals, you can use meal planning apps. You can scan barcodes on packaged food to find nutrition information.

6. You eat mindlessly if you don't think or are distracted by what is important.

You might wonder "What was I eating ?!?"?"?" If you eat repetitively while scrolling through your phone or watching TV, it could be dangerous. Research shows that eating while distracted can increase your chances of eating more. Your brain will connect to the belief that your body is satisfied when you are aware of what you eat.

What should I do? Gorin suggests that you make your own meals as often as possible.