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Creating Lab space for researchers and biotech companies

Dec 20

Creating Lab space for researchers, biotech companies, and consultants to collaborate and thrive.


LabSPACE Africa utilizes its expertise in the spectrum of analytical services. They will assist in the analysis of environmental and clinical test samples, working in compliance with local and international standards and guidelines. LabSPACE Africa provides modern analytical services that are custom-built facilities, providing clients with bespoke solutions that are based on their specific needs or the methods they prefer.

LabSPACE Africa is currently located within Midrand, Gauteng, but the Cape Town Laboratories are already developing.

LabSPACE Africa will help scientists concentrate on their research having access to the assistance as well as the equipment and space they need to make a difference in the world.

Assistance to Biotech startup companies and independently-funded researchers in reaching their objectives.


Our aim is to build an international and African footprint that is close to tertiary and industrial institutions, allowing access to all services and equipment at any location using a variety of techniques (including VR) to provide our customers access to the appropriate equipment, knowledge and quality assurance systems (QMS). LabSPACE hopes to help labs across Africa to establish the facilities they require in a regulated way, which will ensure confidence in their outcomes.


LabSPACE Africa intends to provide an all-in-one solution for anyone in need of lab space, be it space analysis, equipment, or even assistance. LabSPACE will tailor its services to the requirements of our customers however, we will adhere to the following guidelines and Regulations

  • ISO17025
  • ISO15189
  • ISO13485
  • GCLP
  • EMA & ICH guidelines for Validations and Stability Assessments

Although we will already work according to these guidelines, we will aim to be accredited according to these as soon as possible from date of operation.

Please contact us to ensure we help you get the best advice on your needs.