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5 Benefits to Metal Roofing Restoration

Apr 25

5 Benefits to Metal Roofing Restoration

It is the removal of corrosion, rust, and other contaminants from metal roofing. You can do this by spraying the metal roof with a low-pressure waterjet spray. This will remove any rust or corrosion particles. To prevent future damage, you should paint the metal.

Removal of any loose material (rotted wood, flakes, or rust) is the first step in metal roofing restoration. The next step is scraping the asphalt and tar off the metal. The third step in the process is to clean and de-grease any existing coatings like paint. The final step is applying a rust inhibitor to the metal and paint, or sealant.

These are five advantages to metal roofing restoration for buildings.

Reduced Costs

Metal roofing restoration is much cheaper than new metal roofing. This is because metal roofing can be very expensive.

There are many factors that influence the cost of a new metal roof installation. Costs for metal roofing restoration depend on many factors, including the roof's square footage, materials used, and location. A typical metal roof installation will run between $5-10/sqft or around $1,000 to $5,000 for a 1,000 sqft roof.

Enhance the Roof's life span

The restoration of a roof can help extend its lifespan by replacing worn or damaged parts or repairs. There are two options available for restoration: partial roof restoration will only fix the damaged area, or full roof restoration will replace all of the roof components.

Sealant is the most crucial material for metal roofing repair. The sealant keeps water from getting into the metal. There are several types of sealants, but asphalt sealants and acrylic sealants are most popular. These sealants keep water from reaching the metal for up 10 years. Acrylic sealants are more expensive than asphalt. Therefore, people have turned to asphalt sealants as a roofing restoration option.

Faster Installation Process

Metal roofing restorations are quicker than metal roofing installation and removal because they require less labor. Only a professional is needed to replace damaged steel. It can take just one hour to replace damaged metal, while removing and installing metal roofing may take up to five days.

High-Quality Durable Material

The most common requirements for metal roofing restoration are an aluminum sheet, a stainless steel sheet, and a sealing agent. Sealants are usually silicone caulking and urethane caulking. The sealant protects the metal from corrosion by sealing the seams.

The aluminum sheet can be welded onto metal roofing panels to cover any seams. It also provides a smooth surface for restoration work.

Additional Flat Roofing Options

You can use multiple materials to cover metal roofing materials. This creates a new roofing system. You can install a single-ply roofing material, such as EPDM and PVC, on top of your metal roofing. TPO or EPDM can be installed on top of the metal roofing and secured.

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