4 Tips To Make Exercising For Longevity Easy, From The Blue Zones Founder

Perhaps the most important tip when it comes to a long-term movement routine: “If you love it, you’ll do it,” says Buettner. Meaning, don’t train for a marathon because you think that’s what you should do to stay fit—find the type of workout you actually like, and chances are you’ll maintain it. 

So what’s Buettner’s workout of choice? “I love pickleball,” he notes. “I can pickleball for two hours, and I won’t even know that time went by. And I’ve elevated my heart rate, I’m using range of motion, [and] I’m developing lower body strength.” Choose your own adventure, here—Buettner loves pickleball, but you can opt for hiking, dancing, or whatever movement you gravitate towards.

The key is to cultivate a practice you genuinely enjoy; only then will it have true staying power. As Buettner notes, “When it comes to longevity, if it’s not something you’re going to do for decades, don’t waste your time.” 

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