Who’s gearing up for summer? After being in the house for all these months thanks to “The Rona” we feel like everyone is planning their summer activities and outfits. But what about YOUR HAIR??? 

We are sure that 99% of the black girl population were most likely in a bonnet for quarantine! We aren’t doing that this SUMMER.

Now we love a good wig, silk press, and our bundles but we feel like protective styles will be a summer hit. 

We predict fly lemonade braids, knotless knee length individuals, and the latest trend thanks to Coi Leray. Our CEO recently cut her hair and a few weeks later she was in braids. So we are calling it BRAIDS all summer but we also are preaching hair health along with that.

You want to make sure that you are protecting your scalp and hair. Protective styles are very convenient but if not properly moisturized your scalp can become dry and your hair can break. So we want to put you up on game about a few products we love and have tried out. Here’s what we are loving right now! We found these online at The Girl Cave LA both help with strengthening and moisture.

What are some products you’ve tried and loved when it come to protective styling? Sound off in the comments we want to know!

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