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Apr 29

Why golfers love good chiropractic care

Did you know golf reaches an estimated 108 million Americans? Whether they are hitting the links, watching it on TV, or flipping through a golf magazine, golf remains a very popular pastime. Both amateur golfers and professional sportspeople appreciate good chiropractic care to ensure they are in the best shape for all their outings on the course. 

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Golfers are common chiropractic patients because a spinal misalignment can affect their swing and disrupt their performance. Not only that, but muscle strains, sprains, and back or shoulder injuries can make turn a beloved game into a painful activity. Golfers who let their injuries go unaddressed may deal with significant pain for days and even weeks after their last golf game.


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Professional chiropractic care can help with back pain and prevent more serious injuries down the line. Chiropractors target the location where the pain is coming from with spinal manipulations and adjustments. Regular chiropractic exams can also ensure a golfer stays in good health and any minor issues are taken care of before they really start affecting their golf abilities.


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