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Apr 27

How routine chiropractic treatments can help with weight loss

Did you know about half of all American adults try to lose weight in a given year? Weight loss is on a lot of people's minds as they consider diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Chiropractors often get asked about weight loss, and whether they can help patients shed pounds. 

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While a visit to the chiropractor won't produce rapid weight loss overnight, professional chiropractic care may help with weight loss, particularly when combined with a healthy lifestyle including diet and fitness. Chiropractors fix misalignments and spinal issues to help people stay active and strong, which in turn supports physical activity.


Overall, people feel better when they can get up and move, and being active and taking good care of yourself is possible with chiropractic care. For people who are struggling to lose weight and living a primarily sedentary lifestyle, whether it's due to serious back pain or long hours at a desk, chiropractic treatments can help to improve their muscle and joint health to get more active.

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