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The benefits of near infrared light therapy and red light therapy

Oct 8

Photobiomodulation or light therapy, is the use and intensity of light to effect our physiology. It promotes fat loss and increases longevity in several ways. Light therapy uses concentrated wavelengths in the red and near-infrared range of light to safely deliver therapeutic light to your skin. The light reduces inflammation and oxidative strain. It stimulates cell repair by energizing and activating the mitochondria. This improves cell functionality and production. A higher level of cellular activity means that the body will function better.


Light is a form or energy. Our bodies are just huge energy systems. Our vision is dependent on light interactions with photosensitive retina cells. These cells absorb light, which causes a photochemical reaction. The light energy is converted into electrical signals and transmitted to the brain's visual processing centres. Exposure to near infrared (red) light causes skin to be exposed to wavelengths that target the fat layer beneath the skin. These wavelengths also affect the cellular function.

The use of light therapy is not a novel treatment. It has been used for decades ever since NASA first explored low-level, laser therapy's therapeutic effects in the 1980's. Infrared and near infrared therapy have been used in various cosmetic and medical procedures. A light source is attached to the skin and allows light energy (photons), into the skin. Once the light reaches the skin, it causes a complex chain reactions to help speed up cell renewal, increase circulation and reduce inflammation. The results are: This results in increased metabolism, decreased pain, inflammation, improved body functioning, and improved overall health.


To transmit wavelengths directly to your skin, near infrared or red light is used. The light then gets absorbed by cells. This stimulates mitochondria and increases production of adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This increase of ATP stimulates the body's natural process and creates better functioning cells. Light therapy, which increases ATP production in your cells, also has an effect on adipocytes. These are cells that store and process fat. Studies reveal that light therapy causes adipocytes' to release cholesterol, leading to a reduction in volume and significant fat loss.


Light therapy uses light therapy to improve mitochondrial function inside cells. Every organ and every cell of the body depend on the energy produced from mitochondria within those cells. The red and near infrared lighting therapy can enhance mitochondrial energy production. Cells that are exposed to the sun will be more productive if they have more energy. This can lead to several benefits for your skin and cell health. It's great for your skin and cells. In addition, it helps to reduce inflammation and relieve acute and long-term pain.

Get the benefit of near-infrared and red light

  • Increased cell energy production
  • Anti-aging properties for the skin
  • Fat loss boosted
  • Inflammation levels are decreasing
  • Increased antioxidant defenses
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Supplements for muscle strength
  • Improves hormone health

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