This Derm’s Favorite Tip For Hydrated Skin Is Absurdly Simple

Board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, M.D. is one of our favorite skin care experts—so when she gives advice, we listen. Well on a recent episode of our beauty podcast Clean Beauty School, when asked what her go-to tip of late was, it was shockingly simple: “If I had to nail it down to the one sort of most important step that I think you can take in order to protect your skin barrier: It’s to think about cleansing and moisturizing is one step,” says Bowe. 

The problem is when you mentally separate the two actions, you may not feel inclined to complete the second. “So often people will get out of the shower and they’ll dry off with a towel and they’ll get dressed. And if you just took a moment and you put your body moisturizer and your face moisturizer in the bathroom—within seconds, within moments of patting dry—you are doing such amazing things for that skin barrier, you’re feeding your microbiome, and you’re trapping in that moisture.” We may even go as far as to recommend keeping your body moisturizer in the shower, so you can apply just after you’ve patted dry. 

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